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Custom Fields

Creating a custom field allows you to customize your form for any purpose. It's simple to create a custom field.

Fields that start with an underscore will be included in your email. Name these fields appropriately so you'll know which field the input belongs to. Any field type will work. (text, email, radio, etc.)

<input type="text" name="_customfieldname">

Remove Jumprock Logo

Each email sent has the Jumprock logo included. To remove this logo you'll need to include the branding field. Sending the "false" value will remove the logo.

<input type="hidden" name="branding" value="false">

Custom Logo

A custom logo can be added in place of the Jumprock logo. You must set the branding to false like the example above.

Use the logo input to submit your custom logo's URL. This must be a valid URL.

<input type="hidden" name="logo" value="https://jumprock.co/example.jpg">